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SXSW Music 2016

BYOK: Presenting An All-Ages Festival or Series

Our panel will explore the questions you need to ask in order to plan a successful festival or music series for all ages. Attendees will interact with four seasoned experts who will provide on-the-ground and practical advice. We’ll invite audience participation and sharing of success and horror stories. The panelists are industry veterans with proven track records. They’ll give participants a toolkit of ideas plus an invaluable road map toward producing an event that stays on budget and keeps just about everyone – performing artists, your sponsors and your community – happy. #BYOK stands for "Bring Your Own Kid!"

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  1. What is a typical timeline for presenting a festival or series of music events, and what kinds of skills and connections you need from your team?
  2. How can technology and social networking entice your audience and create community?
  3. How can you attract and keep sponsors, and should your event to benefit a nonprofit cause?



Beth Blenz-Clucas, Owner, Sugar Mountain PR

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