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SXSWedu 2016

BlocksCAD: STEM Learning thru 3D Design & Printing

Learn how to use BlocksCAD-- an easy-to-learn, yet powerful CAD teaching tool that integrates creative design with 3D printer technology, while re-enforcing math and geometry concepts.

Originally developed to teach elementary students how to create their own 3D printed projects, BlocksCAD has been successfully applied in a range of learning environments.

An intuitive & familiar interface allows users of all ages to code & design within minutes and successfully printing their creations shortly thereafter.

BlocksCAD is an open source learning tool for students needing a visual, three-dimensional approach to understanding a variety of complex and often abstract math concepts.

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  1. Participants will learn how to use the open-source BlocksCAD software and learn how to incorporate it in their specific teaching environment
  2. Participants will learn of specific examples where BlocksCAD was successfully used to drive math & programming learning in a class environment
  3. Participants will have the opportunity to design their own 3D printable object that they can have printed.


  • Henry Hough, Founder, Einstein's Workshop
  • Solomon Menashi, Business Development, Einstein's Workshop


Solomon Menashi, Business Dev, Einstein's Workshop

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