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SXSW Interactive 2016

Future of Cool: Predicting What’s Next in Fashion

Delivery drones, IoT & Princess Charlotte's latest outfit. Double Denim? Cool factors change on the daily: how can tech help us predict what’s next in fashion? ThoughtWorks Retail Consultant Rachel Brooks will moderate a vibrant panel with Google’s Fashion Data Scientist Olivier Zimmer; founder of Shoptelligence Laura Khoury; & Content Curator for Zappos Kandis Yoakum on how retailers can use data to deduce impactful trends, empower design teams & influence buyers, designers, marketers & distribution professional. We’ll also look at the best ways for brands to predict their customers' future considerations by moving beyond purchase history & using data brands to serve shoppers effectively.

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  1. What can brands and retailers do to move toward more accurate, personalized suggestions for products that fit into a customer’s lifestyle?
  2. How can brands incorporate real-time customer search & behaviors into their product design?
  3. What are the right types of data retailers & brands should look at in order to boost personalization and engagement?


  • Rachel Brooks, Retail Innovation Consultant, ThoughtWorks
  • Olivier Zimmer, Fashion Data Scientist, Google
  • Laura Khoury, Founder & CEO, Shoptelligence
  • Kandis Yoakum, Glance Content Curator, Zappos


Sara Lasseter, Acct Mgr, Ketner Group

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