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Reinventing Coding Education at AMNH

The American Museum of Natural History launched BridgeUp: STEM in 2014 to address the gender & opportunity gap in computer science. Our pilot was an after-school program for cohorts of 9th and 10th grade girls using scientific data sets (like DNA strands and CT scans of dinosaur fossils) to instill a fluency in CS through the context of life sciences - disciplines that don't suffer as much of a gender gap as CS does. Through 120 hrs of Python and SQL, plus a 2nd yr of research and project work, we are crafting a new approach to inspire, captivate, and propel girls into CS in college and career. Learn more about the success of our pilot and how to adapt our theory of change for your work.


  1. Learn why the intersection of computer science and life/physical sciences is especially compelling for high school girls
  2. Understand the rationale behind single-sex education, the cohort model, and other program design elements that contributed to BridgeUp: STEM's success
  3. Learn how to adapt the BridgeUp: STEM model for your own educational setting



Christina Wallace, Dir, BridgeUp STEM, American Museum of Natural History

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