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SXSW Film 2016

How Mobile Screens Drive Multiculturals to the Big

African American and US Hispanics combine to represent 29% of the US population, but they accounted for much more than that (35%) in movie ticket sales in 2014. What’s driving these audiences to the movies? According to a 2014 Multicultural study commissioned by Facebook, these two audiences spend more time on mobile devices and social media consumed via mobile than any other group, providing a strong channel for advertisers to engage. This session will discuss how Universal Studios leveraged mobile to specifically reach African American and US Hispanic Affinity users on Facebook to promote the release of the film Straight Outta Compton depicting the rise to fame of the super rap group, NWA.

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  1. How are mobile devices and mobile video ads impacting the film industry when promoting their films?
  2. What kind of success is the film industry seeing in using Facebook vs. traditional channels when marketing their films?
  3. How can brands, across all industries, leverage Facebook to deliver the most personalized and relevant content to their target audiences?


  • Rene Barasoain, US Industry Manager, Multicultural, Facebook, Inc.
  • Talitha Watkins, VP, Multicultural Marketing, Universal


Michael Sotelo, US Multicultural Marketing Lead, Facebook

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