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SXSWedu 2016

Kids Coding The Curriculum

In this interactive workshop, we will look at examples of how students in elementary classrooms are coding out their learning. Coding is used to promote critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. We will explore how students can code to learn while also building skills across various content areas. This is a hands-on workshop where participants will explore iPad and computer apps such as Kodable, Scratch, and Scratch Jr. We will also take a look at how Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot robots, BeeBot, Lego WeDo, Makey Makey and other devices help to bring coding alive and extend the learning. Participants will be given time to collaborate and create a plan to integrate coding in K-5.

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  1. Participants will learn and interact with blocky coding language using various iPad and computer apps.
  2. Participants will learn application strategies to incorporate coding into literacy, math, science, and social studies.
  3. Participants will collaborate and plan how to incorporate coding into K-5 curriculum and instruction.


  • Liz Castillo, Instructional Technology Specialist, Punahou School
  • Jake Lee, Teacher, Grade 1, Punahou School
  • Kris Schwengel, Teacher, Grade 4, Punahou School


Liz Castillo, Instructional Technology Specialist, Punahou School

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