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Emergent Mobile Paradigm: Big Data & AR Wearables

A new, emergent mobile UI / UX paradigm is inevitable. It will be as drastic a departure from the current desktop interface metaphor as the desktop GUI was from the command line interface that came before it.
Interfacing with our mobile devices is still a disruption, and a keyhole view of the world.
The first wave of Mobile Augmented Reality Eyewear are finally taking small steps into the consumer space, in the form of beta products like Google Glass. In the commercial/industrial space, they are already established with products like motorola's golden-i. Gaming applications are on the way.
The wearable are coming.
In this new paradigm, contextual understanding via the internal sensor data of a mobile device, combined with cloud access to semantically formatted large data sets, will bring heightened situational awareness, and augment the user's life experience in a way that will appear seamless and truly symbiotic.
This panel is going to kick ass

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Chris Grayson, Director of Digital,

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