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SXSW Interactive 2016

Even Suits Love Video Games

Deloitte Consulting needed a way to rally 30,000 employees behind its new business strategy. In addition to using traditional communication tools, they came to Deloitte Digital looking for an innovative way to get the message across. Our solution? Make it fun. Based on that insight, we created “Mini Deloitte” – a mobile game that lets players build their own Deloitte office tower – where they can manage employees, earn points, and compete with coworkers, all by answering questions about the new Deloitte Consulting approach. So far, it’s been a huge success, with 9,000 players answering over 6.6 million questions about the new strategy while playing a game designed to make learning fun.

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  1. How did Deloitte consider their audience and unconventionally appeal to them?
  2. How did Deloitte market internally, despite notions of a captive audience of employees, to actually drive engagement in a significant way?
  3. How did Deloitte actually make it fun, creating something that people wanted to play voluntarily, even on weekends?



Chanelle Kasik, Sr Acct Exec, Allison+Partners

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