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SXSW Interactive 2016

TECHExplorer : African & Carribean Ecosystem

The future of Internet is in the emerging markets with the boom of mobile internet in Africa, Carribean. More than markets, these countries are full of ressources and the best to create product that fit their own needs and then is best place to leverage all kinds of industry by Diruspt Innovation.
Magalie, went 2 month in 10 countries in Carribean to meet all the major startups ecosystems. I went 4 month to the silicon valley and Silicon Halley to learn and build bridges between western startups and African ones.
We were travelers and Entrepreneur like the world is full of now.
We want share with you how African and Carribean Startupers can transform their nationwide by mobile.

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  1. How big and promosing are the startup ecosystems in the emerging countries?
  2. What are the main challenges of startups in Africa & Carribean?
  3. What are the main opportunities of startupers in Africa & Carribean?



Bacely YoroBi, CEO, SocialSpote.com

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