SXSW Music 2016

How to Get Heard When No One's Heard of You

Before your appearance on Late Night, before your Pitchfork review, before your feature on NPR Music – you’re looking for a music blogger who will press play, give you some honest feedback and hopefully like what they hear enough to post a track stream and help break your band. So how do you do it? This panel will focus on pitching to the mid-majors – blogs with strong readership and a loyal following that also give significant love and editorial space to new, undiscovered artists. What do they want to hear from you? How can you set yourself up for success in that first e-mail? And what can you do to build long-term relationships with the ones who DO write you back?

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  1. We're a brand new band releasing our first piece of music - what can we do to make you care before we ever send the pitch?
  2. How do bloggers like to be pitched on new artists, and how can artists set themselves up for success from the first e-mail?
  3. How important is an artist's story? What other factors influence a blogger's desire to break a band?



Elizabeth Cawein, CEO, Signal Flow PR

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