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SXSW Interactive 2016

What is Continuous Software Design?

Businesses across industries rely on some form of software to deliver their products and services. Software providers who improve their product the fastest help businesses be more competitive. This is not exclusively an engineering matter. Analysis proves design-centered tech companies outperform those that are not. Better tech wins, only when its design is better. A faster pace of development requires re-imagining how teams collaborate. If software delivery is to become continuous, then its design must become continuous as well. In this session we answer three questions: What is Continuous Design? How can you practice it? Who gets involved? Optimize design to outperform your competition.

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  1. What is Continuous Design?
  2. How can you practice Continuous Design within an organization to outpace the competition?
  3. Who in the company is involved in Continuous Design process?



Jeremy Douglas, Sr Account Exec, Catapult PR-IR

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