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SXSWedu 2016

The NEW Resume: How to Jumpstart Your Career

Now more than ever, employers are heading online to source candidates, relying on Google and social media to learn about YOU. The traditional paper resume is no longer the first stop in their search – the NEW resume is your online brand. With this digital shift in the employment landscape, it is now crucial to build an online brand that showcases your unique identity and differentiates you from the competition. In this session, Antonio Neves, about.me’s Director of Higher Education and campus, will break down what students, millennials, and all job seekers need to know in order to build a compelling online brand, network towards employment, and jumpstart their careers.

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  1. Learn best practices and mistakes to avoid when building your personal and professional online brand.
  2. Gain knowledge of new online networking tools and ways to form meaningful connections with others to further your career.
  3. Understand the employment landscape and job market in today’s digital world, and why having a strong online brand is crucial.


  • Antonio Neves, Director of Higher Education , about.me


Serena Bartolucci, Sr Account Executive, Brew Media Relations

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