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SXSW Music 2016

Post-Streaming: How Artists Can Regain Control

Apart from revenues, there is one crucial problem with streaming: More than ever before, artists can hardly define how and to whom their music is distributed. Ever since sheet music and any other generation of new technology later, artists can't keep pace. They have faced a loss of control over their works. No matter if it is legal (yet unwanted) use or if it's so called piracy – once released, artists must let go. There might be hope: The next step in tech evolution after streaming could turn this upside down. The session takes a look into the future after streaming and tells artists how to prepare. If artists begin to prepare now, there's the rare opportunity to get back into control.

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  1. What is the reason that artists can't control distribution of their music?
  2. Which evolution of technology can we expect in the post-streaming age? Is it possible to predict the technology that is to follow?
  3. Why does the post-streaming age provide the essentials to regain control? How can artists prepare for the post-streaming era?


  • Wolfgang Senges, Digital Media Strategist, Freelancer


Wolfgang Senges, Digital Media Strategist, N/A

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