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SXSW Interactive 2016

Human Rights Tattoo-The One You'll Never Regret

How can an online community change the world? Human Rights Tattoo, an art project by Dutch artist Sander van Bussel, has awoken an online movement of 6773 people world wide who, empowered by their Human Rights Tattoo, strive to change the world. Human Rights Tattoo is challenging people all over the world to have a single letter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights tattooed on their skin. By tattooing the complete Declaration of Human Rights, letter-by-letter, on 6773 individuals, Human Rights Tattoo creates one of the biggest living community art works worldwide of 6773 human rights ambassadors FOR LIFE. Meet the community of Human Rights Tattoo and be challenged to be part of it!

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  1. Can community artwork help to change the world?
  2. Why do people turn into immediate adopters in 15 minutes?
  3. How can you help to create a project that is the topic of at least 1000 conversations a day?



Niki van Rooij, Communication & Mgmt, Human Rights Tattoo

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