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SXSW Film 2016

Build Heat for Your Film Through Crowdsourcing

With the barrier of entry to making a film lower than ever, more and more filmmakers are taking matters into their own hands. But more films means more competition. How does one rise above the noise? In this session, we will cover all aspects of crowdsourcing, namely how to identify, engage and move a crowd. We will speak to how to effectively identify, engage and build an audience through social media and more traditional means. Additionally, we will discuss how to move that audience in a manner that will help your fundraising (crowdfunding or other), marketing and distribution goals.

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  1. How does one identify and move a crowd online through social media or other channels without coming across as self serving or narcissistic?
  2. With so many filmmakers & producers attempting to market and promote their films online, how does one forge a true identity and rise above the noise?
  3. Is failure to launch a crowdsourcing campaign as part of the pre-planning for a crowdfunding campaign the reason why so many campaigns fail?



Amanda Toney, Managing Director, Stage 32 (Stage32.com)

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