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SXSWedu 2016

Inspiring Action Through Storytelling

Storytelling inspires action. From teachers looking for engagement strategies to EdTech startups sharing missions, storytelling is the connection of values. It’s the neuroscientific basis of community. Through our shared experiences, we connect across differences and build the courage and skills to take positive action. In the workshop, participants will build stories using the public narrative framework and practice telling their story in a podcast. The short podcasts will be uploaded and shared as we unpack our collective SXSWedu 2016 story and techniques to inspire action through our stories. The workshop will be recorded for a podcast for attendees and non-attendees.

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  1. Participants will be able to craft a story using Marshall Ganz’s public narrative framework - Story of self, us, and now.
  2. Participants will learn the fundamentals of podcasting, including how to upload audio files to SoundCloud.
  3. Production a post-session resource -- a podcast that features the workshop's key takeaways and storytelling strategies.



Tyler Nakatsu, Managing Editor, Getting Smart

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