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SXSW Interactive 2016

Healthy Design: Engaging Patients to Get Results

We are in the middle of a historic shift in health care. As digital health matures, and the industry becomes increasingly focused on the patient and consumer experience, health care companies are confronting a new challenge: design. Omada Health has made product design part of the company’s DNA; CEO Sean Duffy and VP of Product Sean Duffy will discuss the importance of design in digital health, and how well-designed health care products don’t merely ‘look pretty’ – they drive quantifiable improvements in patient outcomes. The pair will use real-world examples to demonstrate that well-designed health care products lead to healthier patients, and lower health care costs.

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  1. How is the health care industry reacting to the rise of digital health, and confronting the challenge of designing for consumer engagement?
  2. How can well-designed digital health products drive quantifiable improvement in patient outcomes?
  3. How do health companies balance the need for innovation and design with the empathy and human touch necessary for success?



Adam Brickman, Dir, Crosscut Strategies

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