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SXSWedu 2016

Crowdsourcing STEM Teaching Excellence

Teaching can be a lonely experience, but technology tools are allowing us to create collaborative systems to improve performance. In summer of 2015, the KDK Harman Foundation implemented a pilot program to support teacher growth and development through an anonymous, video-based, feedback system for 15 summer STEM programs in Central Texas. Using a social, web-based technology, teachers from each program uploaded videos from classrooms and received peer feedback from others within the online network. During this presentation, we will demonstrate the system, the learning experiences, and invite the audience to observe STEM lessons and provide feedback on the teaching practice.

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  1. Increase the frequency and quality of teacher feedback in schools and informal STEM education programs.
  2. Use technology and social networks to increase collaboration between teachers and programs implementing similar STEM curriculum.
  3. Explore how video-based teacher portfolios support and augment strong professional development programs.



Bradley Krugh, Co-Founder, ImproveClass

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