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SXSW Interactive 2016

How a Startup Changed the Brazilian Book Industry

Big trends tend to make marketing professionals focus on solutions instead of problems. Up to recently, Brazil's book market was all about bringing international best-sellers to local readers and channeling new authors to cheaper ebook formats. The thing is most readers in the country preferred print formats - and closing this door on new writers created a problem totally ignored by the entire industry.

Clube de Autores was launched as a startup offering a free self-publishing service that delivered both in ebook and print throughout the country.

5 years later, we handle over 10% of all books published in Brazil and own 85% of self-publishing market share.

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  1. How can a start-up with no seed money whatsoever thrive in big, traditional markets (such as the book industry), leaving huge players far behind?
  2. How does the development of an ecosystem of businesses that feed themselves up work and what are some of the pros and cons of this kind of strategy?
  3. How is being a small, independent company a key-strength while battling against gigantic competitors?



Ricardo Almeida, CEO, Clube de Autores

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