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SXSW Music 2016

Preservation Tips for DIY Labels & Indie Bands

Technological developments in the past 20 years have made it easy for bands and labels to succeed with little more than laptops and Dropbox. Unfortunately, very few people know how to prevent losing the work of their band, or their label. This presentation will focus on practical physical and digital preservation techniques for indie bands and record labels. Beginning with the results of a survey we conducted on how DIY record labels keep track of their work, we will present concrete solutions to preservation issues faced by labels and bands, whether their work lives on a hard drive or on a series of cassettes stashed in a closet.

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  1. What is a preservation plan, and what should be included in it?
  2. What are the "Rule of 3" and "3-2-1" rules, and why are they important for preservation?
  3. Why is "the Cloud" an unrealistic method of entrusting your digital backups?



Scott Carlson, Metadata Coordinator, Rice University

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