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SXSW Interactive 2016

Challenging the Monopoly: The New Broadband

When it comes to broadband access, consumers have little to zero choice in providers. The options are few and often come bundled with video or landline phone packages. It's a monopolist's (or duopolist's) paradise. However, new technologies are helping shift the broadband landscape, bringing much needed competition and innovation to the market. Join former Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia, for a compelling discussion of the new technologies on the horizon that will change how we access the internet. These groundbreaking technologies are not about "disrupting," rather it's about declaring war on mediocrity.

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  1. How did we get to this monopoly state for broadband access and how do we fix it?
  2. Competition seems to thrive in every tech sector. Why aren't new competitors emerging in the broadband marketplace?
  3. What specific technological developments are driving broadband innovation?



Virginia Lam, SVP, Comms & Government Relations, Project Decibel Inc

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