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SXSW Interactive 2016

Making Virtual a Business Reality

Everyone talks about the amazing things that virtual and augmented reality can do. But no one talks about how to take the art and business of VR from zero to Apple®, putting VR devices in the hands of every woman, man and child in the world. What can do this is good platforms and tools for independent creation that indie producers and users can use to create great user-generated content. This panel will focus on affordable capture and playback devices, and what a whole new creative class of users is doing with them, from VR music videos to indie interactive and role-playing games, to 5D theater experiences in airport terminals.

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  1. What will take virtual reality products from the maven and hobbyist level to the hands of every woman, man, and child?
  2. What has to develop before VR and AR will really “take off?”
  3. How can artists, game designers, filmmakers, and other makers prepare for the new age that virtual and augmented reality technologies are ushering in?



Steven Masur, Partner, CDAS Venture Law Group

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