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Swift Learners: Girls Coding By Design

Gain hands-on experience in coding using a new approach called Coding By Design that focuses on app design as the primary motivation for learning to code. We’ll use Swift, Apple’s new app development language, and explore middle school and high school resources to teach kids how to design and code their own apps that solve a problem or serve a purpose.

This workshop is designed for anyone curious about what goes into creating an iOS app, as well as those looking for an innovative way to teach coding and programming that newly engages larger numbers of girls (and many boys as well) by providing relevance and context to what they are learning.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn strategies for engaging girls in coding and programming activities centered around iOS app design and development.
  2. Experience coding in Swift using the Coding By Design approach and create workable prototypes using the Xcode development environment.
  3. Learn how to access and use a brand new high school coding curriculum that uses Swift to design and build apps.



Douglas Kiang, Teacher, Punahou School

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