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SXSW Film 2013

Building An Audience Before Your Film Is Released

Create an enthusiastic audience for your film, even before it’s released! Learn how you can capture an audience by engaging them in the story behind the filmmaking experience, the actors and the team: the story behind the story.

Jayce Bartok built an audience for his film Tiny Dancer before the film was released. A one-on-one interview with Jayce to hear how he effectively utilized (and is still utilizing!) youtube, twitter, facebook, tumblr, email and an indiegogo campaign to build a following and raise funds all during the film making process.

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  1. How does a small, lower budget film build an audience before release?
  2. How does an indie filmmaker raise awareness for his or her film and raise funds while the film is being made?
  3. What exactly IS the story behind the story?
  4. What’s so important about the story behind the story?
  5. What online tools are best to use?



Liz Leahy, CEO/Founder, Section 101

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