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The Future of TV Coverage in the Post-Recap World

Once upon a time -- 2010, say -- building a TV section was easy. Figure out the 10 TV shows your readers like the best; hire a bunch of kids and pay them a hundred bucks to write recaps of those shows; watch the traffic pour in. The recapping boom gave many young writers some great clips and offered readers their choice of snarky, funny, occasionally thoughtful responses to the shows they loved. But what comes next? In a media landscape in which everyone recaps America's Next Top Model, and in which insta-responses on second screens are reshaping the critical metabolism readers expect, what is the next great innovation in TV coverage? In this panel, writers, editors, and entrepreneurs will explain how their publications and companies are engaging viewers and TV creators to generate new ways of talking about and thinking about television.

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Dan Kois, Senior editor, Slate

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