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SXSW Interactive 2016

The War on Cancer: An Update From the Front Line

Innovations in cancer care, both in treating the disease and survivors themselves, have led us to a time where we can treat each individual differently, rather than relying on a blanket treatment for each disease type. With diverse perspectives from one of the country's leading oncologist specializing in immunotherapy, the chief medical officer at a globally-recognized organization, the director of a new collaborative charged in changing the eco system in cancer care and a cancer survivor, we will discuss where the future of cancer care will lead us, where we've been to arrive at this point and what we can do leave our past ways behind.

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  1. How can we help make personalized medicine the rule, rather than exception in cancer care and when can we expect this to happen?
  2. What treatments are on the cutting edge of cancer care?
  3. Can we expect to see a cure for more cancer types in the near future?



Andrew Tanker, PR Mgr, LIVESTRONG Foundation

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