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SXSW Interactive 2016

How to Win at Hackathons!

Beyond the stereotype of sweaty geeks coding over pizza, hackathons are responsible for some of the coolest innovations within the tech community. They often provide the right mix of time constraints, diverse people and a problem statement that facilitates creativity and invention.As an engineer, I’ve been to several hackathons – they enable great ways to further businessand give back to the community, all while having fun. For participants, winning a hackathon also carries fame, and in some cases a small fortune. In this session, I will cover practical tips to host a successful hackathon and provide insights and strategies for future participants to develop a winning submission.

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  1. How to prepare for a hackathon; What information from audience to ecosystem should you come prepped with to win at these competitions?
  2. What are the necessary tips for successful submission, presentation and overall experience at hackathons and how do you find the event for you?
  3. How do you plan, host and evangelize your hackathon to drive the best participation and results?



Halie Noble, Acct Exec, Jr, Catapult PR

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