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SXSW Interactive 2016

Storytelling Sells

Everyone loves a good story. However when it comes to digital marketing, advertisers tend to lead with a “buy now” message, linking to a product page or mobile-app download right away. Is this the most effective approach to digital for direct-marketing campaigns? Or can a blend of storytelling and call-to-action encourage consumers to act? Join Facebook and a panel of advertisers as they discuss the value of storytelling in call-to-action marketing and the role of creative in delivering business results.

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  1. How do I determine which digital creative elements to use (display ad and/or video) to tell the best story for my brand objectives?
  2. If I am trying to increase brand awareness and drive consumers to act, how would I design a storytelling campaign?
  3. How do I evaluate the effectiveness of a storytelling campaign for my brand and improve results?


  • Neha Bhargava, Advertising Research Manager, Marketing Science, Facebook
  • Patrick Yee, EVP of Marketing and and Strategy , Refinery29
  • Elena Parlatore, Digital Marketing, Quaker


Gabrielle Gibbs, Mktg Comm Mgr, Consumer Insights, Facebook

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