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SXSW Interactive 2016

From Personalized to Predictive Advertising

According to recent Criteo data, 40% of online sales now involve more than one device, making it hard for brands to know who’s behind what device making buys. Consumers provide retailers with so many signals; the more they “like,” search, use location services and share information across devices, the larger the reserve of behavioral data becomes. By centralizing consumers’ fragmented data into single identities, companies can go beyond personalized and into predictive marketing experiences. Join this session to get first access to mobile shopping research and hear how winning brands are leveraging cross-channel campaigns to engage consumers with welcomed, predictive information.

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  1. What is state of mobile commerce and how is it impacting marketing? The panel will unveil new data and consumer trends marketers can’t ignore.
  2. How are brands with the best-performing cross-channel campaigns using data differently than competitors?
  3. How can brands move from personalized to predictive marketing and create more useful ad experience for consumers?


  • Mollie Spilman, Chief Revenue Officer, Criteo
  • Lauren Johnson, Reporter, ADWEEK
  • Mike Sands, CEO, Signal


Sarah Borup, PR Mgr, SHIFT Communications

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