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How SXSW Made Me Quit My Job

After last year's SXSW I decided to quit my job. It was the first thing I did after coming back from Austin. Even though it was my second SXSW I couldn't find anything resembling the vibes, content, and people at my job at that time.
This talk is about what I've taken away from SXSW, a personal journey from Rotterdam to Austin. About how I experience SXSW in my work, and my personal life.

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  1. What are my take-aways from SXSW?
  2. How to get the best SXSW experience?
  3. How to keep SXSW alive during the rest of the year?
  4. What you could learn at SXSW besides the awesome content?
  5. Should you quit your job as well?



Jeroen van Eck, Consultant, Mangrove

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