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Structure is the Future of Journalism


The Internet revolution began 25 years ago, yet publishers are still presenting journalism the old way -- as plain headlines and blobs of text. But there is a growing movement called structured journalism that reimagines how to tell stories about crime, politics and even entertainment. It slices and dices the news into data fields, enabling readers to interact in powerful ways. Bill Adair, creator of the Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact, and Laura Amico, creator of the acclaimed Homicide Watch, will discuss the structured movement and how publishers and entrepreneurs can use this approach in new (and old) ventures.

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  1. How can the news be improved by a structured journalism approach?
  2. What are the difficulties in using structured journalism and how can news organizations overcome them?
  3. If structured journalism is so great, why hasn’t it caught on yet?



Bill Adair, Knight Professor for Journalism, Duke University

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