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SXSW Interactive 2016

Rebel Rebel: Overcoming Institutional Inertia

When a company grows from 12 people in a grungy basement to 200 people in a corporate tower, things change. People are still working hard, but motivations have evolved. After all, when you’re leading an industry, and everyone is taking their cues from you, it’s hard to maintain the institutional drive and ambition that got everyone to that corporate tower in the first place.

Gary Kanazawa, competitive wheelchair rugby player and head of StubHub Labs, has learned to empower lean teams within a bigger company by giving them the leeway to experiment and roll out innovative new programs and apps. He’ll share stories and lessons from his experience as an approved rebel within a corporation.

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  1. How can individuals be creative in a big company?
  2. How does the Labs team at StubHub work?
  3. How can anyone foster real creativity, in a company of any size?


  • Gary Kanazawa, Head of StubHub Labs, StubHub


Maia Gottlieb, Acct Exec, LaunchSquad

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