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SXSWedu 2016

Learning How to Learn with Concept Mapping!

This workshop defines the characteristics of good concept maps, how to create them and best practices for using them in your K-12 classroom. Concept maps are powerful visual thinking tools for organizing, explaining and representing ones knowledge. They are used to challenge students to explore focus questions, to solve problems in creative ways, and to look for patterns across subject domains. In other words they encourage critical thinking skills. When we discover patterns or cross-links between ideas our learning deepens our understanding grows and we build our knowledge structures. This is how we turn mere information into knowledge.

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  1. Theory: Attendees will learn the theory and research that underpin the efficacy of concept mapping in the classroom.
  2. Use: Attendees will practice how to nurture divergent thinking for problem solving using concept maps to generate fluent, flexible, & original ideas.
  3. Assess: Attendees will learn ways use rubrics and other creative approaches to give students formative feedback.


  • Laura Gatto, Instructional Product Designer , BrainPOP


Laura Gatto, Instructional Product Designer , BrainPOP

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