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SXSWedu 2016

Curiosity-based Learning: Exploring Innovation

We are born insatiably curious. It’s how we learn. In too many cases, though, curiosity can be shoved to the back seat, or even tossed out of the vehicle, in environments we call “school.” Yet, we talk of school innovation. What if we more purposefully developed mindsets that are essential to the “Innovator’s DNA?” How might we grow our curiosity muscles and make school more about real-world pursuits? In this expeditionary session, participants will hear three stories of curiosity-based learning and curricular transformation. Then the group will engage in community exploration, observation journaling, and design thinking to spur ideation and action planning for immediate implementation.

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  1. Understand observation, questioning, experimenting, and networking as practices of curiosity and methods for developing innovation capacity
  2. Explore community with collaborative observation and questioning, as well as see such practice as powerful instructional/curricular frame redesign
  3. Build capacity in design thinking; utilize flare and focus thinking routines to hypothesize, synthesize, and develop action plans for deep learning



Bo Adams, Chief Learning & Innovation Officer, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

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