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SXSWedu 2016

Pop Goes The Writing Workshop

In our drive to help students engage in learning and become lifelong literate people, we sometimes lose sight of just how much they already know and can do outside of the classroom. In this session, I will share field-tested ways to tap into kid culture as a powerful means of merging our students lives inside and outside of the classroom. I will show how teachers can exploit the rich and diverse skills and strategies kids use outside of school as a way to build a direct and engaging connection to oftentimes challenging writing skills, such as structure, craft and significance.

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  1. Identify areas of children's pop culture consumption that might be used to help achieve writing goals
  2. Explore specific skills and strategies that students employ while consuming pop culture which can be transferred to academic learning
  3. Craft ready-to-use instructional practices and objectives to teach some of the most challenging aspects of writing, such as structure, theme and craft


  • M Colleen Cruz, Literacy Consultant, Teachers College, Columbia University


M Colleen Cruz, Literacy Consultant, EdLab, Teachers College, Columbia University

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