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SXSW Interactive 2016

Marketing in an Exponential Era

Over the past twenty years the function of Marketing has completely transformed from one-way campaigns to real-time customer engagement, enabled by technology. The digital era brought massive innovation with mobile, social, cloud computing, and big data leading the disruption in marketing. The next era, the Exponential Era, is going to bring even more disruption through advancements in wearables, artificial intelligence, connected cars, connected homes, 3D printing, virtual reality, drones, and robotics. Organizations that respond and evolve in this era will thrive and those that don’t will dive. Join us to learn more about the opportunity and how to navigate the future of marketing.

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  1. What emerging technologies are going to shape the future of customer engagement?
  2. How should companies and brands evolve their marketing and customer functions to keep up with exponential technologies?
  3. What skills and capabilities should companies develop to sustain innovation in this new era?



Mike Brinker, Global Leader Deloitte Digital, Deloitte Digital

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