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Supporting Learning in Youth Makerspaces

What is it about spaces that enable making that also allows them to provide deep, rich experiences of learning? We will dive into an exploration of key considerations when creating or maintaining youth makerspaces (Purpose, People and Pieces & Parts) through a suite of tools and hands-on exploration. We’ll share powerful case studies of youth-based makerspaces around the country that illustrate empowering and energizing potentials and use them as a springboard to discuss specific tips, tools and strategies to get started, equip the space with both human and material capacity and sustain the space beyond initial funding.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Gain a greater understanding of the purpose of a makerspace, including: goals, values, stakeholders, audience, and success metrics.
  2. Gain a greater understanding of the role of people in a makerspace, including: staffing structure, facilitation approaches, and staff capacity.
  3. Gain a greater understanding of the pieces and parts in a makerspace, including: tools, materials, physical architecture, and digital technology.



Lisa Regalla, Deputy Dir, Maker Education Initiative

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