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SXSW Interactive 2016

Let's Get Visual: Display's Bringing Sexy Back

The world is reorganizing around empowered consumers. Future success requires a people-first strategy that blurs the lines between digital channels, marketing, customer service, and content while adding value to people’s lives. Display advertising is widely considered an outdated medium - low interaction, fraud. The industry might believe that display is dead. Nothing could be further from the truth. People share 400 million images a day! The opportunity for visual communication platforms has never been greater. Display offers a variety of advanced visual occasions at scale with critical flexibility. Join iProspect, Hilton Worldwide and Yahoo! and get seriously re-engaged with Display.

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  1. Do you believe Display advertising as a platform is outdated, ineffective, polluted with fraud? Maybe your efforts just aren't relevant or valuable?
  2. Display isn't as much about clicks and impressions anymore - it's the new visual communication platform. Ever thought about it like that? Be relevant!
  3. If Judd Apatow was on board to direct your brand's Spring 2016 campaign video, you'd be excited. How are you going to make sure the video performs?


  • Sam Huston, Chief Strategy Officer, iProspect
  • Prashant Fuloria, SVP, Product & Engineering, Advertising Products, Yahoo!
  • Kassie Kemp, Director, Digital Acquisition, Online Marketing at Hilton Worldwide, Hilton Worldwide


Andrea Dorsett, Communications Mgr, iProspect

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