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Corporate Reset: Make More Mistakes

Companies continually unleash new products & services, looking to move into new markets & evolve their brand w/existing & new audiences. For large corporations this can be overwhelming & complex, how do you become agile enough to pivot at the right time, toward the right areas & w/the right people? Take American Express’ efforts to move a 162 year organization toward a younger demographic with new offerings beyond credit cards that have the potential to transform the organization. Recognizing mobile & digital are changing commerce, AMEX is taking risks to institute much needed change. To do so, AMEX created an entire organization to operate like a start-up. Is the “startup within a big company” paradigm really possible? Dan Schulman will share his approach to influencing change within a well established incumbent & lessons learned from 2 years in the startup-in-a-big company trenches, including the minefields intrapreneurs looking to make such a drastic change can expect to encounter.

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Robyn Douglass, Account Executive, Text 100 Public Relations

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