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SXSW Interactive 2016

Tomorrow’s museum: designing engaging experiences

Until very recently, museums—especially art museums—have been slow to experiment with digital technology to create more immersive, more memorable, and more collaborative experiences for their visitors. In this session, we’ll explore some recent success stories (and failures!) that feature high-tech/low-tech exhibits and activities, re-imagining how museum-goers interact with collections and with their fellow visitors. Designers of the new interactive experience at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum will share their perspective on how the very best interactive experiences engage, educate and inspire us. Our conversation will span museums across the globe.

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  1. What lessons can we learn about interaction design from the latest crop of interactive exhibits at the world's museums?
  2. How do collaboration, play, crowd-sourcing, and social engagement impact the museum experience? And how can we apply these themes to other venues?
  3. How has the definition of the museum transformed and what emerging technologies will continue to expand that definition in the near future?



Leslie Wolke, Principal, Leslie Wolke Consulting

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