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Teaching the Startup Mentality

Traditional education teaches students to learn predefined steps so they can add two numbers, analyze a poem, or bake a pie. This approach worked in an economy that depended on assembly lines and fixed corporate policies.

A new paradigm has emerged: the startup mindset. Successful entrepreneurs share a disregard of the status quo; a focus on possibilities; and a rejection of waterfall processes in favor of rapid iteration.

How to teach startup thinking in the classroom? Only desktop 3D printing allows students to bring their ideas to life in a way that's high-fidelity, affordable, and fast. Thousands of educators have already embraced 3D printing to teach 21st century skills.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how the startup mindset can help students succeed in today's economy and why educators should embrace it.
  2. Discover how 3D printing can teach entrepreneurial skills, such as collaboration, problem solving, and design thinking.
  3. Hear from educators how they implemented 3D printing in the classroom and how their students benefited from it.



Johan-Till Broer, Public Relations Manager, Makerbot

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