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SXSWedu 2016

Johnny Can't Read, So We Remain a Nation at Risk

Despite the adoption of Common Core and the strengthening of learning standards, nearly a third of fourth graders unable to read proficiently. Too many kids can't read, and we know why. Moreover, we know what we should be doing about it.

This session will provide an overview of what we know is most effective in teaching young children to read, while providing a specific path for teachers and parents on how best to get it into our classrooms.

By challenging the status quo in education, we can ensure that Johnny can read. And in doing so, we can shift from being a nation at risk to one where every child is truly college and career ready. (Spoiler, it requires literacy skills.)

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  1. Provide an overview of what is most effective in teaching young children to read, according to decades of research
  2. Offer parents and educators a roadmap for how to get research-proven instruction into all elementary school classrooms across the nation
  3. Ensure that we know "good reading instruction" when we see it, so we aren't fooled by those promising "alignment," but not offering it



Patrick Riccards, Founder, Eduflack

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