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Critical Creativity: Meaning Through Making

How might we choreograph an epiphany, remix an analysis, doodle a movement, costume a theme, hashtag a philosophy? We believe acts of making needn’t be limited in size or scope, method or medium, nor need they be mere exercises of imagination or engineering. Creation reveals comprehension. Our students’ increasingly diverse toolbox for expression, both analog and digital, emboldens the creative spirit into a force for authentic understanding, a vehicle for demonstrating proficiency. Come with an open mind and nagging curiosity; leave with a concrete plan and bevy of strategies for integrating innovative imagination into your daily classroom practice.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will identify benefits of creative expression as a means of deeper understanding
  2. Participants will experiment with creative exercises and strategies applicable across the content areas
  3. Participants will design a plan for integrating creative expression into their impact areas



Dan Ryder, English Teacher/Improv Coach, Mt Blue High School

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