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SXSWedu 2016

Becoming Maker Minded Leaders

We know that people who invest in personal growth are happier, more authentic, perform more effectively and stay in jobs longer. Our hands-on workshop will provide an opportunity for managers to develop techniques to increase their own work satisfaction while fostering employees' personal and professional growth. In this Maker Minded Leadership workshop, participants will see first hand how to create a space for staff to show up as their authentic selves, develop a can-do attitude, turn ideas into reality, iterate and improve, support co-workers, and build compassion, connection and community. Managers will leave with experience and tools to take back to their workplace.

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  1. Help managers to foster their staff's professional and personal growth, while simultaneously increasing their own job satisfaction.
  2. Discover how to get a more authentic "buy in" and investment from employees, resulting in a rewarding work environment and increased retention.
  3. Provide exercises and tools from the Maker Mindset that leaders can use to create a safe, supportive learning environment and foster self-expression.



Sharon Mor, Co-Founder/Exec Dir, Edventure More

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