SXSW Interactive 2016

Customers Are Not Created Equal: Only 10% Matter


Not all customers are equal. In fact, 90% of them simply don’t matter. They don’t care about your brand and you shouldn’t care about them. Instead, live and die by your top 10% - those that are true brand fans and micro-influencers who make the difference for your brand.

In this session, Stevens will detonate the “customer acquisition is priority #1” argument, highlighting instead why brands should focus on their best customers. He will show how engaging the top 10% with VIP treatment and exclusive correspondence not only nurtures their loyalty, but also drives them to refer others to the brand – creating a snowball effect of social capital with real bottom-line impact.

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  1. If I abandon 90% of my customers, aren’t I risking a mass exodus (and destruction of the brand)?
  2. How can I identify the 10%?
  3. How can I measure my efforts to show that I am moving the needle with this strategy?


  • Lyle Stevens, co-founder and CEO, MAVRCK


Kate Thermansen, VP, fama PR

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