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SXSW Interactive 2016

White Spots: A Journey to the End of the Internet

Digital networks are ever expanding. If tech companies have their way, the remaining white spots on the map will soon disappear, leaving no place on earth disconnected. The White Spots app and virtual reality series takes you on an expedition beyond the edge of the networked world and makes us feel what it means to live offline. The journey starts with a live visualisation of the networks around you. From there, a narrative unfolds that takes you from white spot to white spot. We cross virtual and physical borders and get to know strong characters and communities who have their diverse reasons for living outside of the networked world.

The session will see the world premiere of the app

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  1. Where are the white spots?
  2. What can we learn from white spots?
  3. Who lives in the white spots?



Richard Vijgen, Partner, Studio Richard Vijgen

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