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SXSW Interactive 2016

Digital Dynasty: an Empire of Innovation

Digital is the new black. With the paradigm shift from being customer centric to the new E2E (everyone to everyone) economy, the implications for companies on value creation are profound. Within the next 5 years, today’s value chains will disintegrate as contemporary ecosystems, consisting of diverse industries, fuse and dismantle the current systems of value formation and distribution.
Are you prepared for the new regime? Based on new research, this session will help empower companies to prepare for the four areas of radical disruption that lie ahead. It will also highlight the importance of integrating the flip side of disruption - development, to reconnect the disjoined industries.

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  1. How are other companies dealing with digital disruption, what are their keys to success?
  2. What are the four areas of radical disruption, is your company prepared for them, and why should you care?
  3. What is the flip side of disruption and how can you take advantage of its effect?


  • Sandy Carter, General Manager and Social Business Evangelist, IBM
  • Jessica Federer, Chief Digital Officer, Bayer


Yvette LaMar, Mgr, IBM

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