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SXSW Interactive 2016

Slavery in the 21st Century: What role do you play

Modern Slavery is big business. Consider your iPhone or wardrobe, ever wonder who was involved in the process of making them? Both elusive and resilient, modern slavery traverses a number of sectors and has emerged as the fastest growing illicit industry, generating an estimated $150 billion in profits each year. Between 21 and 36 million individuals worldwide are now considered to be “modern slaves.” How did we get here, and what is being done to help the millions affected? To advance progress, a collective and multifaceted effort has to be undertaken by the entire “Freedom Ecosystem” – what role do you play?

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  1. What are the primary obstacles to ending slavery in the 21st century?
  2. How can a community of cross-sector allies mobilize to end slavery and create a sustainable future?
  3. How can everyday consumers join the fight against human trafficking?



Jessica Roberts, Consultant, Deloitte

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