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SXSW Interactive 2016

Messaging’s next act: the value for business

If businesses think social has changed the way they interact with consumers, it's nothing compared to the impact messaging will have. Messaging apps have taken off in a variety of platforms and apps, with billions of users and a growing number of use cases. This instant form of communication has become the standard for consumer expectations. More than ever, consumers are looking to brands to create a seamless experience, blurring the lines between their personal conversations and the conversations they have with brands they trust. This panel will explore the rise of messaging apps, how they are being adopted by the enterprise and what this means for brands and their customers in the future

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  1. Why have businesses begun to adopt messaging/chat?
  2. What are the challenges of implementing messaging as a brand?
  3. What does integrating messaging apps into the enterprise mean for businesses and their interactions with their customers?



Meriwether Morris, Sr Communications Mgr, Zendesk

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