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SXSWedu 2016

Coffee’s for Closers: How to Succeed in Edtech

Starting an edtech company is not for the casual or short term entrepreneur. Education is a unique industry, and one where the contemporary tech ideals of disruption and rapid, iterative pace of development are often at odds with the more measured and entrenched traditions of academia and its layers of bureaucracy. For mission-driven companies, the opportunity to have meaningful and transformative effects on education outweighs the challenges, but passion alone can’t drive success.

This panel of successful edtech entrepreneurs tackles the business behind the blackboard, discussing how to close deals, strike necessary partnerships, and develop long-term strategy for your company.

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  1. Discuss how to articulate and pursue a company’s mission through entrepreneurialism in edtech.
  2. Provide first-hand insight into how edtech deals are closed successfully and authentically.
  3. Explain how to map short-term business development goals to long-term strategy.



Jordan Bresler, PR Assoc, Jones-Dilworth Inc

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